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Products currently under development

Medicalfrog is constantly evolving: our R&D department is constantly working to improve and create innovative but easy to use products, suitabale to use in hospitals and aiming to solve the problems that operators have to face daily.
Wrap Spike: Pressure compensator, designed to avoid the contamination of the work area, bio-safety cabinet or isolator, in case of any filter malfunction or pressure overload that may result in drug spillage. The accidental spillage stays contained inside the protection shell, and vapors are safely held by the second filter.

CytoClean CYTOCLEAN  Detergent wipes, designed for chemical decontamination of the vials from drug molecules residues, which presence is enstablished by several studies, before they are put inside the bio-safety cabinet or isolators. The specific formulation breaks down secondary chemical contaminations, and therefore cumulative effect. Also ideal for small spillage inside the bio-safety cabinet. Non corrosive for bio-safety cabinet and isolator steel surfaces. Non toxic for humans; however, because of the workplace where its usage is advised, the operator will be wearing a Category III (Filtering Face Mask) personal protective equipment, according to current laws. The presence in the solution of 70% alcohol demolishes microbial charge.

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