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Clusio® is a patented new concept device, thought out and realized to solve handling of specific drugs problems, such as biological and cytostatic drugs. (Literature).
Its peculiar design makes every moment of its use safe, and it never allows contact with the environment to neither the drug nor the devices used for its handling, such as syringes, vales, connection sets and membranes, which are all polluted after being in contact with the drug during its preparation.
  • Simple and handy: few clear steps make it intuitive and easy to use.
  • Safe: during the handling of the drug there’s never contact with the environment, neither as liquid nor as fume
  • Versatile: usable with the same effectiveness with any kind of pharmaceutical form
  • Compatible with any cytostatic and biological drug.
  • unique: a new design made by innovative and patented parts.
You can find more information about Clusio® here: Brochures and istructions .


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